Dr. Dabber – Stella Vaporizer Atomizer


The Stella Vaporizer Pen from Dr. Dabber allows for pure vaporization at home and on the go. Featuring 4 heat settings, including a pre-heat function, the Stella does it all, from full flavor to massive clouds.

The floating vaporization chamber prevents heat transfer from the atomizer to the exterior of the pen and vortex airflow ensures fully comprehensive heating.

The Stella charges via a USB-C charger cord and allows for pass-through charging so it can be used while plugged in and provides a fast full charge in just an hour.

| 600mAh battery
| 4 heat settings ranging from 460-775° F
| Magnetic mouthpiece attachment
| Floating vaporization chamber

| Includes: Stella Device, USB-C Cable, Loading Tool, User Manual

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Dr. Dabber – Stella Vaporizer Atomizer

Stella atomizers are fully ceramic with no exposed coils and are fitted with a floating vaporization chamber to optimize performance. The floating chamber reduces contact of the chamber with the rest of the pen, reducing heat transfer to the user’s hand and helps focus heat to the vaporization chamber. Stella™ atomizers are long lasting and stay at a constant temp throughout the heating process to ensure maximum flavor with minimal waste.

| Includes: Stella Atomizer 

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