Frequently Asked Questions for NVS Glassworks:




Q:  Can I ship to an address different than the address on my ID?


A:  Yes.  Additional verification is required the first time ordering.  Please snap a picture of a piece of printed mail and send to sales@nvsglassworks.com.  (Click for details.)




Q:  I just ordered an item for local pickup. Can someone else pick it up?


A:  For security reasons the person paying for the item, on a local pickup, must pickup the item. ID will be verified at pickup.




Q:  My order is not correct. What do I do?


A:  We strive for 100% satisfaction! First, do not use the item; we can only receive back into our store unused items. Contact the store and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible with available stock.


Q:  Can I waive the signature requirement on my expensive item?


A:  Yes.  This also waives the insurance from NVS Glassworks because we have to trust that it gets to you by the shipping service.  We will always recommend a signature required on your nice items.




Q:  I know my item is secure.  How do I waive the signature?


A:  Email us after the purchase at sales@nvsglassworks.com and we will make the proper notes.  No worries!




Q:  Can you hold an item?


A:  We do not do holds.  Layaway is our option with 50% down and the other 50% plus shipping within 30 days.




Q:  Can I do layaway through the website?


A:  Yes, you can!  Add the item to your cart normally.   While in Checkout, click the pay deposit option at the bottom, then Calculate Deposit button.  (Click for details.)




Q:  Can I get a sale discount the day after a sale day?


A:  No.  We try to generate excitement for our sale days for our customers.  For this reason, the sale day is the day to get the discount.



Q:  How do you measure downstem length?


A:  From the top of the ground joint to the bottom of the perc, then round to the nearest quarter inch.




Q:  My glass broke.  Do you guys repair?


A:  Due to long wait times for customers, we no longer send items out for repair. Try Glass Repair 805  , no affiliation with NVS.




Q:  I see the item on your original website, but not on the new one.  Can I still buy it?


A:  If the item is in stock, we will sell it.  Please call us or email and we can tell you more accurately.  We are steadily getting all the pictures and items up for click and purchase.  You will see an “ADD TO CART” button for items available for purchase.