Pelican Case

For over 30 years Pelican has built a reputation for manufacturing the toughest cases in the world to protect anything from your glass art to valuable camera equipment and more! Pelican cases have been “thrown out of helicopters in Iraq, towed along frigid fjords in Norway and rolled over by SUVs in Tanzania. With only a few scratches to show on the outside, while contents are left unscathed.” Getting your glass art or other valuables from point A to point B in the condition it’s meant to be in: intact and functional is what it is all about.

Cases are put through rigorous independent laboratory testing procedures, including drop tests, vibration tests, and leak tests. Graduated deflection ribs direct impact forces away from the case without shattering the ribs. Easy open double throw latches are easier to open with the classic “C” clamp design that act like a pry bar to start the release and offers plenty of leverage to open with a light pull.

Pelican Cases are made with Copolymer Polypropylene, making it a more solid build while keeping your load light. Keep your precious glass protected while you travel!

“You Break it, We replace it…forever!” – Pelican

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