High Five Micro E-Nail with 25mm E-Banger Coil Kit (Double LED) – Nebula


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High Five E-Nail with 25mm E-Banger Coil Kit – Nebula (Double LED)

This e-nail has simple-to-use buttons and digital readout which allows you to fully control the temperature of your Kevlar Coil, allowing you to take consistent low-temp dabs! High Five produces top quality E-nails with High Quality Thermocouples that Detect Real Time Temp Changes. Just set your favorite Temp up to 1200F and let your E-nail do the rest! Drop the Butane today and turn the Dabs on! NOT compatible with D-Nail, Disorderly Conduction PeliNail, EzBake E-Nail and Shatterbox E-Nail unless you use their Universal Coil Adapter #2.

|Temperature range: 0F – 1200F – Recommended Usage Below 1000F
| Simple, easy, and quiet operation, and Double LED screen
| Coil: 6ft. long non-flammable Kevlar wrapped: 25mm
| C
oil Connection:  5pin Female XLR
| Color: Nebula

| Kit includes: Control box with digital display, 6ft Kevlar wrapped coil, 6ft power cord, and 25mm Quartz Banger with Carb Cap

| Warranty: 1 Year Warranty 

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